Thank you for considering Go Green Chico Carpet Clean for your next eco-friendly carpet cleaning service and more!  Here’s a break down of what you can expect.

Our Steps to a Fresh Clean Carpet:

1. Pre-inspection.

2. Locate problem areas & spots and treat.

3. Move furniture if needed.

4. Pre-spray carpet.

5. Steam clean outside areas and base boards.

6. Steam clean all other areas.

7. Ask about our Green Guard carpet protector. Protects against Spills and Stains.

8. Move furniture back and place carpet protectors under furniture feet.

9. Place fans for faster drying times.

10. FINAL walk through.

Before We Arrive:

1. Move breakables off the furniture you want moved.

2. Have the driveway cleared so we can park close to the entrance.

3. We will not move electronic equipment or boxes of breakables.